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Laravel 5 Crud Operations Using Ajax

Hello friend, in this post i implemented simpale crud(Create Read Update And Delete) operation with pagination using ajax in laravel application, mostly use in crud operation in web application But if you want to run any type of operation with AJAX without loading the page, it can be done in which there is no any problem, just follow all below step.....

many developer create crud operation using ajax but crud operation with pagination makes it difficult, So today we have done simpale way crud opration with Ajax.......

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How To Get Last Inserted ID In Laravel 5

Today I will show you how to get the last instant id in Laravel web application, If you are looking for it, then there are many ways to get the last insert id, we use the different methods to get the Last insert id in laravel framework.........

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Custom Helper Functions in Laravel

hello friend, Today I will tell you create custom helper functions in laravel web application

Laravel helper function is a very usefull in your laravel applications basically, helpers in Laravel are built-in utility functions that you can call from anywhere within your application like view model controller etc...

Now you have a basic part of Laravel helpers and what they are used for. In this section, I’ll go ahead and demonstrate how you can create your own custom helper that can be used globally in your Laravel web application...........

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Send Email In Laravel 5.5 Using Markdown Mailable

Laravel is a best php framework so meany developer use in laravel framework, And most developers are looking to send email in the larval framework. If you want to send email in your laravel web application, you're in the right place

Today in this post, we are explain how to send email to laravel web application. For that we use the Markdown Mailables package which provide us pre-built templates and components of mail notifications.

The main advantage in Markdown Mailables package is that you send email in your laravel web application to both the localhost(wamp xampp and lamp) and live server..........

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Paypal Payment Gateway Integration In Laravel 5.5

Hello Friend, Today I share with you the PayPal Payment gateway integration in the laravel web application. Payment gateways are required to pay in any website's online transaction and this is the most important part of a web application. in this post we will be integration for PayPal Payment gateway in the laravel web application.

PayPal is a very good payment gateway when it comes to Payment gateway integration. Because that international payment process also works And this used in most all countries.

Here we are using a paypal/rest-api-sdk-free full package for paypal payment gateway, which allows you to pay a paypal payment gateway integrate in your laravel web application...........

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