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How To Create new laravel Project Latest Version In Windows

In this post you will learn installation Laravel project all Version step by step, Laravel is a very powerful php framework, designed for the development of model–view–controller (MVC) web applications,It will give you ways to modularize your codes and make them look cleaner and easier to read and understand. It is free and open source software under MIT License..........

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image upload in php with ajax

Image upload in php with ajax and jQuery is very important topic nowadays because every person wants to save their data without refreshing the page. Today we are going to generate an Jquery & Ajax based image uploader in your website, which means the image will be uploaded to your website location using Ajax request, without reloading the page. We are using jQuery & Ajax to send image file to the server side core PHP script. We can also use core php $_FILE array element to check file size, image type and check Image exist or not in your website before uploading.

use jQuery & AJAX to implement upload and Show image in your website. In this form add file and text input field and a submit button. On submitting the form with the selected image file..........

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Create multilevel Drop down Menu in HTML with CSS3

In any website, Navigation bar should look neat and well nested. For that we create Drop down list, so that navigation bar loloks neat and clean. So, Today I am going to create Multi-level Drop down menu list in Navigation bar with the help of HTML and CSS. This post will help for those who are new in HTML and it also helps for to quickly create Drop down menu.........

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Google New Recaptcha In PHP

in this tutorial we are going to give you very simple example of how to add google reCAPTCHA code in your website.

In this post, we are going to learn about Google new recaptcha API. This protects your website for spammers and robots, in this post I had implemented new reCaptch API demo with HTML Signup Form using PHP. I like the new design it is clean and impressive, hope you will like it.........

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Insert Multiple Checkbox Value In Database Using PHP

Now Today in this post you will see how to insert a value from one or more checkbox in the MySQL database. Using a checkbox you can insert multiple values in the MySQL database in PHP.

In this demo, we implement insert multiple checkbox values in a database in PHP. There are certain steps we need to follow........

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