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Registration Form In PHP and MySQL With Validation Code

Today, mostly in all sites, User account is required to access important features of site. And for that, we are going to create unique email Regestration Form, which is gateway to create user account. We will User Regestration source code using PHP and MySQL database.

We will use prepared statement and Hash function in Regestration form which will prevent SQL Injection and provide better security. You can also create Regestration Form by just following these simple steps and you will find that your first dynamic functional registration form with database entry on every form fill up........

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Simple Login Form In PHP With Mysql Database

Every website uses simple Login module for their member. It is one of the most important security feature for any Website. It is important in Login Form we need to take care not to apply SQL Injection. For that we need to use prepared statement. Prepared Statement executes same SQL statement repeatedly. SO we will use Prepared Statement which will prevent SQL Injection.

In this form, we us two Field "Username" and "Password", If user submit valid username and password, then he can access his/her account. we also add "Remember Me" option that will store password in Browser cookie, so next time user We also use Call Back feature that will prevent user to go back after he log out. If user click on previous page, then browser will redirects to Login form........

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