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An ipynb is a Jupyter file extension that is created and downloaded from the Jupyter notebook. Jupyter is like a web application where we can put our project folders, we can also create new folders and files and save them as well in any format.

The best thing about Jupyter notebook is the code can run on the same browser, which means
You can write code and execute it on the same page. Like below.

It’s an open-source platform we can see the list of our project folders and files on the home page of Jupiter. One more thing is that the code which we write is saved in a separate notebook.

Loading Jupyter Notebook

For accessing the Jupiter notebook you have to load the Jupiter notebook first by executing the following command in the anaconda prompt.

Write “Jupiter notebook” then hit the enter key, and the jupyter notebook will be loaded. A user interface will be open in front of you and you can see all the project files there.

 You can create a new folder or notebook by clicking on the new button which is placed on the upper right corner of the home page.

If you want to create a new file so click on new and select python3 or text file then hit the enter key, then a new page will be loaded and you will see an interface where you can write and compile your code. Write your code and don’t forget to save the file.

Now let’s talk about how to convert a jupyter file .ipynb into python format .py, So for this, we have 2 ways:

  • Go to the upper menu and click on the file, then select the Download option where you can have multiple formats you can easily download the .ipynb file with the .py extension.

In case you forgot to download the file as in the .py extension so don’t worry you can convert it later by following our second technique.

  • In a second way, we can execute some commands for converting a .ipynb extension file into a .py extension, check out the steps below.

Commands for converting a Jupiter file .ipynb into a python .py file

First, execute the following command in cmd:

pip install ipython

Then let it install after that, execute the following command:

pip install nbconvert

Let it install as well after the successful installation, run the following command:

jupyter nbconvert --to python your_filename.ipynb

You will see an output like this:

The converted file will be downloaded in the same directory where your ipynb file was placed, or you can find it in the directory where the jupyter setup is installed.

You can use another command for converting a .ipynb file into a .py file extension run the following command.

jupyter nbconvert --to script [your_filename].ipynb


In this tutorial we talked about an open source web application “Jupiter notebook”, we discussed what is a Jupiter notebook and we can access it, and we also discussed the steps for creating a new folder or a new file.

We discussed the steps for saving a file from the jupyter notebook and then we talked about the methods for converting an ipynb file into py extension, and we executed some commands as well.  

That’s all for today hope you like the tutorial if you have any queries regarding this article so feel free to contact us below. Thanks for reading.

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