Bootcamp Vs Parallels

We are here to discuss the Most interesting topic called Bootcamp Vs Parallels, so let’s start with a quick introduction.


Windows can run on Mac by installing a Virtual Machine Software called Parallels. This software supports Mac Operating System(OS) along with a virtual machine program that can jump from macOS to Windows without reinstalling.

If we talk about Boot camp so it is a built-in option that permits to execution of Windows to experience a wonderful speedy performance. 

We are going to discuss some key features of Bootcamp vs Parallels below, to differentiate them in terms of performance, compatibility, range, and integration. 

Difference Between Bootcamp And Parallels

Key Features


The performance of Bootcamp vs Parallels, The Boot camp is faster than Parallels and it can give you the best results for both world’s resource activities. You can play high-resolution games and it can turn your Mac into a Super Windows Machine. Its performance of running windows Boot camp partition is marvelous.  

The performance of parallel is much slower than Boot camp, this software utilizes the updated DirectX 11 that supports high-resolution games. Its performance of running windows with parallels is just OK.


If we talk about Boot camp compatibility, so it is only compatible with the updated version of  Windows. The present version of Boot camp is 6.1 which is shipped with macOS sierra (10.2). 

As compared to parallel so it provides the best results along with unrestricted compatibility. 

Parallel works with macOS Server, OS X, Linux, Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, and Unix. And it supports the single-click installation of Linux distros.


The Boot camp is an inbuilt program in all Macs and windows OS, you only have to pay for its OS license price. 

The updated Parallels program 17 is priced at 79.99 dollars or 49.99 dollars to be updated from the old variant. You can have a discount only when you install parallels and use its 14 days trial.


Parallels permit the operation of two OS at a time. It offers a deep level of synchronization. It has incredible bidirectional sharing. Parallel separates the guests from the macOS host.

Boot camp is not able to operate 2 OS at the same time, it operates a single Operating system at a time. Boot camp reboots the whole operating system to convert a system into windows or Mac. it also faces compatibility issues while recovering files from NTFS format.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Parallels


  •  In parallel, we don’t need to create a separate place in the hard disk for Windows OS that can’t be easily changed.
  •  It is more functional than Boot Camp in the feature that we can use both OS at a current time.
  • It involves a feature that merges OS X and Windows environments, it offers a shared interface for both OS X and Windows environments program. This means instead of opening the whole Windows interface within Mac OS X, you can effortlessly open Windows apps in Coherence mode, and they will display like you opened a Mac application.
  • Parallels Desktop includes effortless integration of documents between the systems. we can connect desktops between OS X and a Parallel program as well so that any document created in a single system will be automatically copied and saved to the other separate system.


  •  Parallels are more costly as compared to Boot Camp since we have to buy the Software.
  •  We figured out that Parallel’s option includes a steeper learning curve. The parallel is a whole separate program along with more options to know about while Boot Camp includes a direct setup.
  •  The Parallels desktop strains Mac’s processing power and memory when both OS starts working together at the current time, unlike Boot Camp.
  •  If you are going to use Windows 10, Windows 8, or 7 on your Mac OS X in Parallels desktop so make sure you have a 4GB RAM on your Mac and if you are using different apps at the current time then you should have at least 8GB RAM

  • We can say some things are now easier and better as the updated Parallels Desktop 17 mechanically figured out the best possible resources to fully optimize your virtual machines for the best performance.

Parallel Desktop Working

Before choosing the Parallels software for Mac the first thing you need to purchase is both Windows OS with Parallel program. The present updated variant of Parallels Desktop is available in 17 and it costs 79.99 dollars. The good news is you can have a discount as well.

After purchasing Parallels, install and execute the Parallels Desktop program, in parallel you can install Windows OS and execute the parallel program as Bootcamp. In the next step, you have to select the area of space for assigning windows. In case of change your mind you can change the setting after installing Parallels desktop. 

The Applications on the Mac OS X like Parallels functions when they start executing you can see the whole window interface on your Mac through Window. This is the best thing about using Parallels desktop that you can have an incredible experience of using both Operating Systems together.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bootcamp


  •  Boot camp has easy and free-of-cost updates. Boot camp is the whole free-of-cost software you just have to buy Windows.
  • The Boot Camp Assistant program assists you the clear guidance throughout the installation process.
  • The Boot camp runs on Windows whole separated from Mac OS X instead of as the current time like Virtualization. It causes minimum strain on Mac’s RAM and processing power which makes it easy to maintain and execute.
  •  Boot camp is an inbuilt program in OS X.


  • The worst thing about Boot camp is if we want to switch to another system so we have to reboot our laptop or PC.
  • The possible space on the Mac OS X side is reduced when we have to create a separate place in the hard drive.
  • While creating a partition in a hard drive we cannot update the size of the partition, suppose you are creating a partition of 300 GB for Windows OS so you have to reset the whole Boot camp and again have to create a partition of your desired size.
  • We can’t shift the documents and information between two OS. The only way is if we send it to ourselves or send it through an external storage device like a USB. 

Bootcamp Desktop Working

The BootCamp software is an inbuilt program in the Mac PC OS.

You can find the BootCamp assistant application in the Applications > Utility folder. The Bootcamp program creates a separate place in the computer’s hard disk.

After launching the Boot camp assistant app we can select the size of that partition that we want to update. After installing the window on Boot camp we have to select the OS which we want to see after turning on the computer.


In this tutorial, we discussed Parallels vs Bootcamp and which will be the best option for Mac and Windows operating systems, we saw their intros and discussed some key features of both programs like their Performance, Compatibility, Range, and Integration.

Then we discussed the pros and cons of using Parallels and talk about the working of the Parallels Desktop Program.

After that, we discussed the pros and cons of using Bootcamp and in the end, we talk about working on the Bootcamp Desktop Program.

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