Git vs Github

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Git and GitHub. Let’s start this Git vs GitHub with an introduction to both terms first. 

What is Git?

Git is an open-source distributed version control software that is used by many developers, this software enables developers to share their project source code with other developers and each developer can add their contribution to it.

Git is free software that you can easily install in your systems if you are working on complex projects so this is the best software where you can share your whole project online without facing storage issues.

Basically, Git works as a tracker it tracks the activities in the project, by tracking activity we mean (any sort of modifications in the project) as we mentioned above a team of developers works on the same project so Git will track their contributions. Developers can share their modified source code by uploading it to the repository so the whole team will have a copy of that modified code.

The best thing about Git is it is an open-source system means there is no need to share the code separately with each teammate you can share the whole project by uploading it through Git so the teammates can work on the same project by downloading (pull) the source code files and modify and upload (push) them back in the repository (folder).

What is Github?

GitHub is an online git version control repository, in simple words, GitHub is an online application where you can upload your project folders and share them with other developers. GitHub is a hosting service that contains cloud-based storage.

GitHub is a place where you can keep your big project repositories and directories and can share your brilliant work and skills with other developers worldwide. Other developers can push or pull your source code they can interact with your profile and projects and can contribute to it, they can modify or improve the code if you want, mean to say if you don’t want to give access to your working repositories to the public so you can change the privacy settings from public to private.

To access GitHub you just have to create an account GitHub by signing up on their official website, after creating an account you will be free to share your code with the world’s most experienced developers on the world’s most famous and most used website “Github”.

GitHub provides an interface that you can manage manually, it also provides access controls to perform basic operations. GitHub works with the cooperation of git, you need to install git to use GitHub because git is a command line software from which you will manage the projects and it will track each improvement whenever a modification will be done to your project. 

GitHub includes some very useful features in its interface let’s have a look at them.

GitHub Hot Features

Fork: It is used to copy a repository (folder) from a  private account, so you can copy it and modify it by yourself.

Pull: This feature is used when you modified the copied code and now you want to share it with its previous state, this pull feature will send a pull request to the writer of that code.

Merge: This will let the writer of the code merge the changes found in your repository with the actual repository if the code owner finds it relatable.

Difference between GIT and Github

Git is application software.Github is a web-based application.
Git is maintained by Linux operating system.GitHub is maintained by Microsoft Windows.
Git is a command-line tool.Github is a user interface with manual features.
Git can be installed for free in your system.Github is an online web application you don’t need to download it.
Git is a virtual control system it manages the source code history.Github is a hosting service it supports source code management.
Git is used for code sharing and version control.Github is used for centralizing source code.
Git does not include a user management feature.Github includes an in-built user management feature.
Git was introduced in 2005.GitHub was introduced in 2008.
Git has less external tool configuration.Github has a variety of tool integration.
The name of the Git interface is GuiGithub interface is called by the same name GitHub.

How Git and GitHub handle Commands

Git is a command line tool means on git every operation is done by executing a specific command each command performs a different operation, in git, we have the commit and merge commands that execute in git on the local device but if we talk about Github so it provides a graphical user interface where we can perform these operations by using the GitHub interface features, Github provides developers access control, as well as collaborations, feature and task management tools also.


In this article, we discussed a brief introduction to Git and Github, and we also discussed the differences between both terms.

In the end, we saw how both platforms handle commands.

That’s all for today hope you like the tutorial if you have any queries regarding this article so feel free to contact us below. Thanks for reading.

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