OpenCV vs Tensorflow

In this tutorial we are going to find out which tool is the best for AI Development. We will do comparison of OpenCV vs TensorFlow, Let’s start with the introduction.

What is OpenCV?

OpenCV is an open-source machine learning software library. OpenCV was developed in 1999 by Intel. OpenCV library has around 2500+ algorithms, it is used for face detection and object detection, etc in AI development.

What is Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is an open-source code library that helps developers to develop deep learning models. Google Brain Team developed it in 2015. It is used to detect or identify faces, images, voices, and different Patterns.

Difference Between OpenCV and Tensorflow

In open CV, CV stands for (Computer Vision) while in TensorFlow, tensor means multidimensional arrays and flows means flowing of multidimensional arrays of information.

By using the OpenCV library we can solve computer vision complications.

While TensorFlow is a core open-source AI framework by Google which is used in deep learning and by using this library we can develop computer vision applications.

OpenCV library works on real-time CVs problems where TensorFlow works at tensors which generalize the vectors.

OpenCV is not only compatible with C and C++, but JAVA and PYTHON API can also take advantage of it.

The purpose of designing an OpenCV was to increase real-time application efficiency whereas the purpose of developing TensorFlow was to solve mathematical problems used by data flowcharts.

OpenCV is the choice of those developers who works on computer vision tasks while TensorFlow is the choice of those developers who love to work on high-performance applications.

Deployement – OpenCV vs Tensorflow

The installation of OpenCV is quite more confusing than TensorFlow. In the OpenCV, you have to install python first then in the command prompt,

You will write “pip install OpenCV-python” “conda install-c conda forge opencv ” and then you have to install some packages as well which will make it messy.

The installation process of TensorFlow is so easy you have to install Anaconda then click on the window button and find Anaconda 3 prompt after opening it you have to write,

“conda create n-tesnorflow” “conda activate tf” then you are ready to perform your deep learning task. 


In this tutorial, we talked about two famous AI development tools called OpenCV and TensorFlow. 

These two tools work almost the same the only difference between them is OpenCV is the library designed for Computer Vision problems and TensorFlow is the framework designed for deep learning. 

We discussed OpenCV vs TensorFlow. and then talked about the deployment process of OpenCV and TensorFlow.

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