pip vs pip3

As we are discussing pip vs pip3 so first let’s start with an introduction to understanding better.


A pip is a package manager for managing python packages in python. It is used to maintain and manage all python packages and to make coding easier.

It permits us to download more packages in the python standard library. We can say that pip is the best tool for installing packages. 

It comes with the all-new version of python (3.4 and 2.7.9) for installing new packages and those packages can be installed from PyPI’s repository and it combines with your python impulsively.

Linux users can check the pip version on their pc or laptop by executing the below commands.

Pip checking command for Linux users

Which pip

For pip3 you can use the following command:

Which pip3

The above command will show the pip and python version in Linux; if the pip is not installed, it will throw an error.

Windows users can check the pip version on their pc or laptop by executing the below commands:

Pip checking Commands for window users

python -m pip version

If the pip is already installed on your device so you will get the following message.

pip 21.1.1 from C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\PythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.9_3.9.1520.0_x64__qbz5n2kfra8p0\lib\site-packages\pip (python 3.9)

As Like above, the same kind of output will be displayed which will be showing the pip version, python version, and the location.

Working of pip and pip3 in Python

A pip is used to make a connection with python 2 it can be created in Mac or Linux system, a pip is able to connect with Python 3 as well it downloads the packages in Windows Environment. But in the pip3 case it just only relates to Python 3.

The problem which creates the difference between a pip and pip3 is the path changing which is followed by almost every Operating system.

If you want to start working with python-pip using a Linux system so use the “apt-get” command to download the pip.

A pip can also be used to install packages in windows using python version 3 but because of Path alterations in OS, it makes a difference between pip and pip 3 that if you used the pip3 command so pip3 will install packages in Python3 in Linux and all these things will be happened because of using the pip3 command. 

If you want to work with python-pip3 so use the “Python3-pip” command to install it.

Pip 3 will install packages in python version 3 and when you are executing Pip3 make sure the module is also installed in Python version 3.

Difference between pip and pip3

A pip is associated with version 2 of python.

A pip3 is associated with version 3 of python.

A pip is called a soft link for a specific installer.

It is a version of python 3 and pip3 is only used with Python 3.

the system uses the Python version which depends on the first system path variable

when you are executing Pip3 make sure the module is also installed in Python version 3.

If you are using pip with pip3.9 so could be possible it gives the same result.

If you are using pip3 so it will download the packages only for python version 3, and not for other old versions of python.


In this tutorial we discussed a brief introduction to Pip, we also discussed the commands for checking the existence of a pip and pip3 for Linux and Windows users, then we saw the command for installing a pip package.

We also discussed the working of pip vs pip3 in Python and in the end we discussed the differences between pip and pip3.

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