Pycharm vs VSCode

We are here to discuss pycharm vs vscode but before starting it let’s see some introduction of them.

What is VSCode? (Code Editor)

It is a code editor so now you have a question what is a code editor? It is a modified version of Notepad now here we are getting an advancement which is called INTELLIGENCE, whenever we type a single word in the code editor so it automatically shows us the suggestions of classes, objects, and functions related to that word as there are some built-in functions in PHP like htmlspecialchars(), explode() and many more. So what is the reason behind it? With the help of this advancement our coding efficiency increases, so this is the main reason to use code editors it increases our code efficiency.

What is Pycharm? (IDE)

Pycharm is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It’s completely a different thing, we get a very complex interface and kind of functions that a beginner can’t even think to use. It doesn’t mean that the given features are not useful or those all features are useless, no! all those features are very useful but as a beginner, no one uses them. As a beginner, you don’t need to use those features because at that time you just have to write codes in it so make sure your code efficiency should be increased and your typing speed should be increased, and when you become an expert developer at that time the features you need the most as AI Libraries and many other features are all available in an IDE. 

I don’t mean to say that IDE is useless but the fact is they are so complex as compared to code editors. If we talk about code editors so they are so light weighted as compared to IDE, it does not contain a complex setup it has a very small setup.

Difference Between Pycharm and VSCode

if we compare Pycharm vs VS code so I would say obviously VS code is better than Pycharm for Python Programming and other languages as well.

I know you must be thinking why am I declaring VS code better than Pycharm, so here is the reason behind it.

First of all, when you go to the website of Pycharm to download it. You will see there is a community version that is free to download but that is only accessible for Python you will see there is already written it is for pure python development. But if you want HTML, JS and SQL support you have to buy their professional version, their free trial of the professional version is also available but its validity is just for 30 days after that to keep using it, you have to buy it.

As compared to VS code( Visual Studio Code ) which is a code editor when you visit their official website the only thing you need to do is download the extensions. which are free of cost you just have to install them and then you will be ready to do your work. Their extensions are written in JS (Javascript) and if you are good at JS so you can contribute as well to updating their extensions because their extensions keep updating.

The best thing about VS code is you can download all those features for free for which you have to pay to use it in Pycharm.

Space Consumption VSCode vs Pycharm

Now we will talk about space consumption and how much space they require in your device.

If you download a single setup of Python so it requires only 27MB approx use, if you download VS code setup so the space it requires is around 70MB and if you see Pycharm set up so it is approx 357MB.

if you compare it so it is approximately 5 times of VS code which does matter, so in my opinion think before downloading it. Because if you are a beginner it’s not your thing all those features which you want are already available as extensions in VS code you can download it for free and you can work on other languages as well like HTML, JS, SQL, and PHP.   

You can also work on other code editors like sublime they are easy to use and easy to handle as compared to an IDE which is very complex if you are an expert developer so please go for it.


Let’s have a look at what we discussed today we discuss Pycharm vs VSCode and what is an IDE and Code editor. We discuss the difference between them, and then we talk about their uses and how much space they need and discuss which is best for you, of course. Both Pycharm and the VS code are great applications to use but it’s up to you and your device whether it suits you or not but vscode is better for beginners. I am sure this article will help you to decide which one to choose if you found it helpful let me know by commenting down below thank you.

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