Python vs PHP

In this article, we are going to differentiate or compare two languages that are mainly used in web development “PHP vs PYTHON”. 

We are going to discuss some facts and figures about PHP and PYTHON. which will help you to decide the best option for you that which language you should learn and, which language has more scope in web development so let’s start with an introduction.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used in building websites and making software.

What is PHP?

PHP is a hypertext pre-processor language it is only used for building websites. 

All the frameworks and modules of PHP do the same work they all are used for making websites. It is oriented toward web development.

Difference Between Python and PHP

Python is a very simple language to learn it is not only used in building websites. Python is mainly used in Artificial Intelligence development, Robotics, machine learning, and data science.

If you want to learn just for making websites then you should go for PHP. because PHP is only for web development while Python is for everything.

Syntax – Python vs PHP

We can say that PHP is easier than Python for web development. but sometimes it gets a little messy because we have to write a lot of functions and there are various ways to do a single task.

The syntax of PHP is similar to C language. we have to add curly braces and semicolon in your code mean to say we have to follow a very strict syntax in PHP. 

If we talk about Python so it so also easy to learn. if you know JAVA and C++ then Python is so simple for you Because it does not follow C styling syntax.

Its syntax is so simple, it contains very shortcodes. It does not require adding a semicolon at the end of each line. it’s a very vast language it has many modules we have to learn.

Security – Python vs PHP

Now if we talk about security so Python is better than PHP.

Here I am not saying that PHP doesn’t provide security, it does, but it does not provide native support. 

there are some vulnerabilities in SQL injection PHP. 

In PHP we have to add a lot of functions recursively for making an application secure but in Python in-built functions are available for better security.

Frameworks – Python vs PHP

PHP and PYTHON both languages have frameworks. PHP has 3 frameworks Laravel, Codeigniter, and WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular framework of PHP even a non-programmer person can build a website by using WordPress. On the internet, there are 50% of websites are made by WordPress. All frameworks of PHP are very easy to learn.

Python has 2 frameworks Django and Flask. Django framework is a high-level language it will look quite complicated when you start learning it but your code will be less. You don’t need to write 1000 lines of code.

Deployment – Python vs PHP

Php is very easy and free to download The server of PHP is very cheap you can have any hosting, nowadays almost in every hosting you will get PHP support. You can buy hosting for your website for 1 year for just 5$. So it’s very cheap and easily available and installation of PHP is also easy you will not face any complications while installing PHP it doesn’t have a complex setup it has very light support you just have to install it make a database and start coding everything is easy.

For Python, you should have Cloud Hosting. it doesn’t work on apache servers. installation of python is a little difficult you have to work on the command line for installing python.

Pros and Cons Of Using PHP


  • First of all, it is open-source it supports cross platforms.
  • It is easy to handle when we have to deal with large data and it works faster.
  • Php is high in competition and has more developers.
  • PHP is supported by various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.


  • The code written in PHP is lengthy.
  • It will not have much demand in the future.
  • The library management feature is weak.
  • It makes programming complicated.

Pros and Cons Of Using Python


  • The Syntax of Python provides readability.
  • Python provides the best security features.
  • It makes programming easier
  • it contains short lines of codes.


  • Python works slowly.
  • It is quite difficult to install
  • It doesn’t contain a large number of frameworks.
  • Only limited databases are supported by Python.


In this article, we discuss two famous languages PHP and PYTHON. We saw their definitions. then we discuss the difference between PHP and PYTHON and talk about their key Features. Then we discuss the pros and cons of using PHP and PYTHON. Every language has its spatiality we can’t judge anyone.

The coming era is of Python and in the future, python will have high competition .in my opinion you should start learning Python but before that, you should know PHP because you should know the basics. I hope this article will help you to choose the best language for your future and career thanks for reading.

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