UAC in Windows 10

UAC (User Account Control) is a lifesaver for your device. It is a security feature that saves your device from dangerous virus attacks and other malware threats and makes your system a secure device.

The UAC asks for permission from the user to install software into the device.

It takes permission because some software can harm your device and damage your system, so it asks the user before making any changes to your device.

If your UAC is enabled so it asks for your permission whenever you install new software and will run it as run as an administrator but if UAC in your device is disabled so you will not be informed of any malware threatl that will attack your device.

How to disable UAC in Windows 10

First of all, I will not recommend you to disable the UAC security feature in your device don’t even think about it, but in any case, you need to disable the UAC feature in your device so follow the following steps.

Step 1

Click on the window icon on the left side of your device screen and then search UAC in it.

Step 2

Now click and open the UAC feature.

After opening UAC you will see an interface like the below.

Step 3

Now in the UAC interface you can see there is a bar slider which you can move up and down, so for disabling the UAC just drag the slider down and click On OK.

Your UAC will be disabled.

The Four UAC Levels of Security

1) Always notify me when

This level of security always notifies you whenever you try to make any changes or install new software on your device. This level of security is very concerned about the device privacy, it does not allow any software to make any changes and stops all working in your device until you confirm it.

2) Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer

This level of security will only notify you when a newly installed software tries to make changes to your device, it will not notify you when you make changes in your window settings.

3) Notify me when programs try to make changes to my computer

This level of security will notify you when a software program will try to make changes to your device without interrupting any other ongoing task and without asking for your permission.

4) Never notify(UAC disable)

This level of security will not notify you in any condition means either software is installing or making changes in your device this option will not notify you it is not recommended as well.

Note: you can Re-enable UAC by just dragging the slider up and clicking on the ok button.


In this article we discussed the ways for disabling the UAC feature in Windows 10, Make sure you disable UAC for a valid reason only otherwise you will be responsible for any kind of cyber-attack or damage to your computer.

Hope you like the tutorial if you have any queries regarding this article so feel free to contact us below. Thanks for reading.

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